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Monday, 26 September 2016

Life's Purpose: Whatever you Say

Every morning we wake up.
Every day we grind.
Every week we plan.
Every month passes by.

Years creep by.

What do we live for?
What do we work for?

If not for a belief in society,
If not for a belief in better,
Then what?

Greed, money, power.
Each fuels the next,
But fuels not the soul.

If not for better,
Then why?

What value does this system really have if it doesn't contribute to the fulfillment of each individual? Everyone lives their life, trying to find meaning or purpose. This is the cause of religion; the search for science; the quest for money and power. Everyone tried to fill the gaping hole that lies inside of them. As intellectual humans, we see that as part of a never ending Universe; we are small. As intellectual humans, we see that in never ending time, our lives are short. But, as ignorant humans, we see our problems as huge and don't solve them. As ignorant humans, we see seconds as an eternity and lose patience.

In reality, this is a wider than general view of the Universe. However, when looking closer and apply it to individual situations, it makes more sense.

See, for example, the life of a factory worker: in a working life, one worker maybe completes the same single task many millions of times. They might feel accomplished on a day to day basis, or see a lifetime of work as meaningless. To the Universe, this life was short in time. To the Universe, this life was minuscule in accomplishment. Do you believe this? Or is this worker a small and functional part of a larger society? Their small day to day tasks were built on by others. They worked together, manufacturing and creating. This moved on the course of production and changed society. Society moved forward, at least in part, because the worker was a part of it, a driving force. This might be a bad example, but the point remains.

This then forms two views: do you see this life as meaningless or do you see this life as contribution to a wider change? I believe the latter.

You pick one task, you master it, you do this for a long time and the world will change.

When one person's actions change something small, this something small could then create something big. in trying to find meaning, you create meaning. By looking at the Universe, asking why; you are answering the question. By asking, you are giving it meaning. The world exists for you to give it meaning, not for it to give you meaning. In the example of the factory worker: they might judge themselves to any standard. The Universe cares not of the small, incremental changes. All it cares about is the end result. It doesn't give meaning to your life. You give meaning to the Universe and in this search, you discover the meaning to you.

Maybe it was all a mistake, or maybe it wasn't.
Maybe there is a God, or maybe there isn't.

The only maybe you can forget is this:
Maybe you will do something great, or maybe you won't.
Forget it!
Only you can determine what is great and what is not.
Only you can choose your dreams.
Only you can follow them and only you can judge them.
The Universe doesn't judge you, you do.

In living a life of purpose, you find something in which you believe is good. You live this and your purpose will have changed the world.

In essence, dream to do what you love. Live what you love and your love will change the world. Only you can place meaning onto what you do and it is only you who judges what you do.

Maybe it matters, maybe it doesn't.
But who cares?
As long as you can look back and say: 'I did it'.
Everyone looks back to a different life.
Everyone should look back with the same purpose.

Enjoy your limited time and place. You are in a unique time and place. Value everything you experience and experience everything you value.

Life is short, find your purpose.

J Stefan Devlin