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Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Travelling Thoughts, Dispersing Ideas

As I write this into the notes section of my phone, I'm on a train travelling to Hamburg from Amsterdam, a part of my 6 weeks of travelling around Europe. I have been unable to write a lot simply due to time and other projects (vlogs) that I've been working on. This writing is not complex nor is it meant to summarise all of my thoughts, it's just a quick look into my thoughts from travelling, along with ideas from 'The Alchemist', a novel I have just finished reading.

After thinking for a while though, I had a personal realisation. Originally, you dream of taking on the world, but you always sell yourself short.

Sometimes it takes time to think, time to self reflect in order to actually follow your destiny, go out there and follow it. We all have an opportunity to achieve something great. Some people see this and go out to seek greatness. But, many of us are content with just getting by in life. Thinking that money and a few friends is a solution to inner fulfillment. This couldn't be further from the truth.

Travelling, reading and talking to people has taught me this. You learn that everyone is on their own separate path in life. This is a beautiful fact. You should never try and beat anyone, you should never compete in terms of lifestyles. Never look at the destinies of others, try and seek your own destiny. Spend every moment of your existence trying to find it.

Travel, see the world. After seeing the world, you will find that Home is Home. There are some really beautiful places in the world but sometimes it's the place you least expect, home, to be the best.

Again, this is just a culmination of thoughts I've had since beginning my journey. I am by far not finished travelling or thinking, but I've noted a few ideas.

Don't let your expectations of places or ideas influence your beliefs. Always seek to experience everything in your own eyes. Whether that is Paris being over-romanticised and Brussels being a super modern 'Mekkah' for European development. Of course,  to a degree these are both true. But in reality, there are so many different perspectives of every single place. There are so many aspects to discover and so many expectations to smash. Sometimes things will fail to meet your expectations. This might seem daunting of an idea, but it's true. You can't believe anything until you see it, feel it or experience it for yourself. That's beautiful though. When going in with an open mind, you can discover and learn so much!

I will probably write up a few pieces in the next few weeks, but when I really get time to reflect, when I return to Belfast, I will be able to write with a lot more clarity.

It's human nature to want to be apart of something different.

Thank you for reading, wherever in the world you are.

Stefan Devlin

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