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Thursday, 25 February 2016

Blog Update: Overall Direction

As I expand my knowledge of the world,  I'd love to share my experiences and thoughts. So from now onwards, instead of just posting professional content, I would like to expand my peripheral vision of the world through my writing. I will start posting general content about philosophy, spiritualism, politics and general thoughts about the world; in addition to the current type of content.

Obviously in the future, I may vary the branding, but for now, I will be keeping the Treconomics name. Mainly because of what it stands for. True economics. Truth in my thoughts and giving you honesty. Economics covers so much of the world, it looks at the actions of individuals and society as a whole, and so it remains relevant.

Thank you for your constant support and for reading. I write as a way to emotionally and intellectually grow myself, but it is reassuring that over a thousand unique visitors have read my posts. So thank you, and stay posted for lot more content.

Jack Stefan Devlin
Student, Social Entrepreneur and Blogger

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