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Thursday, 25 February 2016

Tomorrow Can Wait

How odd is it for a person in the 21st Century to take time? Just take time.

As I write this, I have just taken an hour out of my day to just take some time. I'm in a park: taking time. When people can't afford a few minutes per day, taking an hour really pays.

I see the beauty of nature in every blade of grass seemingly floating and swaying in the calm wind. But, I also see the monotony of our actions as busy worker bees rush past me; late for something that seems important at the time, but in the end sums to nothing.

I feel calm in my thoughts. I see beauty in the landscape. I hear art through music. I smell the bliss flowers of Spring.

How freeing it is to feel this for free, to feel it so clearly. Yet this park is so empty. Used only as a transit between ever busier schedules, evermore rushing people. But yet, I say this as a hypocrite. I use this idea licence environment as nothing more than a transit every single day. Every single day, except today.

But, in my random ramblings, there is truth. I am doing nothing more than sitting in a park, listening to music and writing. But really, how often do we do this? How often do people just sit, reminding themselves of the beauty of the every day? Not often enough is the most accurate answer.

So often, we get caught up in our lives so much that we forget to do just that, live.

We forget to enjoy what we have right here, right now. Instead, we focus on what we don't have. Thinking we can achieve this by ignoring enjoyment today, we struggle until tomorrow. But when tomorrow becomes today, again we struggle until tomorrow; continually waiting for love and happiness to magically appear, without seeking and realising it.

When we eventually achieve our goals, we only want more. It's human nature, to ignore nature. It is a non-stop cycle, until we stop it consciously. 

I am not saying to not have ambition. I’m just saying that we should enjoy what we have today and stop focusing on tomorrow. For if we miss today, today becomes yesterday, a lost history. We can never retrieve it. Tomorrow can always wait.

I see the vibrant green of the grass, the earthy brown of the bark and the eternal blue of the sky. What do you see?

Tomorrow can wait. For now, I've got to run to my next meeting, thus finishing this post. Heed the words of the eternal hypocrite. 

Jack Stefan Devlin

Blog Update: Overall Direction

As I expand my knowledge of the world,  I'd love to share my experiences and thoughts. So from now onwards, instead of just posting professional content, I would like to expand my peripheral vision of the world through my writing. I will start posting general content about philosophy, spiritualism, politics and general thoughts about the world; in addition to the current type of content.

Obviously in the future, I may vary the branding, but for now, I will be keeping the Treconomics name. Mainly because of what it stands for. True economics. Truth in my thoughts and giving you honesty. Economics covers so much of the world, it looks at the actions of individuals and society as a whole, and so it remains relevant.

Thank you for your constant support and for reading. I write as a way to emotionally and intellectually grow myself, but it is reassuring that over a thousand unique visitors have read my posts. So thank you, and stay posted for lot more content.

Jack Stefan Devlin
Student, Social Entrepreneur and Blogger