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Thursday, 6 August 2015

Are You a Leader or a Boss?

Leader and boss... Are they the same? To the unassuming, yes they are. But to those who lead teams, design ideas and push forward, a leader is so much more.

A boss is in charge. They may instruct their employees to complete certain deadlines or give work instructions. But a boss is far from a leader. Think of a boss as the bare essential to take charge of a company. Work will get done, but without a leader, no progress or development will be made. 

A leader simply leads. 

A leader has a vision and works to implement change. Their team respects them and shares in their vision. To be a leader, you need to have the qualities of the entrepreneur; you must understand how to work your team. 

Motivating a team is very important.

If you have a dream or a vision, share it. Let it be known that you want change in the future and that you're willing to work for it. Having a common goal will enhance team work and will ensure co-operation. 

Ensuring team satisfaction is also key. Your team must be happy in their duties and responsibilities. Positive feedback, more responsibility and small perks are all great ideas to keep a high morale. 

Your team needs to respect you. 

Knowing that you have been where they are; that you are willing to provide knowledge and help; and that you wouldn't ask them to do something you wouldn't is important in gaining respect. Hold meetings and informal gatherings so that you can communicate to your team. Share your knowledge and provide advice, but make sure they don't see you as a friend. You are still in charge. 

Make your reputation known. 

Your team should have knowledge of your past experiences and achievements so that they know they are working for someone who knows what they are doing. Find time to write, make announcements and allow interviews. 

Be there. 

The most important part of being a leader is that you are there for your team members. In any task they are asked to complete, make sure you can give advice and provide information. Be prepared to jump into the action and get your hands dirty. 

A good leader is always willing to jump into any situation. Leaders are respected, admired and often more successful professionally. Understanding the capabilities of those around you is essential in creating great content and achieving your goals. 

Be a leader, not a boss. 

J Stefan Devlin

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