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Sunday, 2 August 2015

Blog Short Term Plan

I have now written a small number of articles to test which have the best received format. Going forward, I will focus on entrepreneurship, business planning and economic issues. This means that content in the future will have a common thread.

Another change will take place. After reaching over 500 page views, articles will be published more regularly, beginning with one per week. The regularity means that if you are interested in the content, you can check out the blog whenever there is schedules to be a new article updated.

The content is original, fresh and will seek to inform you and give you advice about careers or your own business.

You can subscribe by email at the top of the page, or follow my Twitter (link at the left side) to stay updated. Tweet me for any special topics or questions you would like covered.

When we reach 1,000, there will be another announcement. So stick around, there is a lot more to read and share!

J Stefan Devlin

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