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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Creating great content- business talk

A business is all about the content you provide for your customer. Whether it is a newspaper or a heavy machinery producer, content matters. No-one will buy worthless goods or services unless unethically duped into the purchase. Worthless goods don't get good press, word of mouth does not ensue and you do not get repeat business. In order to create a meaningful and sustainable business, you must first have content.

What is content?

Content is quite simply a product or service that a business produces to satisfy the wants or needs of consumers.

What is great content?

Great content is the value added. Your product must have something special. It must be different, fill a gap in the market and, most importantly, it must be of great value to a consumer. Adding value to something simple makes it great.

The most important part of any business is the content you provide. Therefore, you are the key to the survival of your business. You can't just be average, you have to be an entrepreneur.

The entrepreneur has that spark. He/she is creative, meaning that they think of ideas and create products. It is all about following through.

Content is the idea, the implementation and the sustaining of output. 

The idea. Find a problem and solve it. If you want to be a business person, you need to become great at finding problems in the world where solutions are possible but undiscovered. You fill demand, so you must be able to create solutions.

The implementation. Find a way to implement your solution. Don't just stand by and allow others to claim glory. Seek to improve the world you live in with the ideas you have. Start with making a phone call: then two or three... What you will find is a whole host of people ready and willing to help you deliver on your idea. All that is needed is you.

The output. Once you have the idea and the method to implement your idea, all that is required is for you to follow through. Follow through. That's it. All the 'hard work' is done. You have the idea and the means, just organise it. Be an entrepreneur, make things happen. Start telling people about your great idea, find people who want to buy it. Sell it.

Create and sell. That's business. 

I will cover some great selling techniques in a later article as I would rather you focus on creating for now.

If you are a creative person, you will think of great ideas and have great follow through. You see problems, find solutions and help society, all the while making yourself some money and a good reputation. Your content is your name, it can make and break your reputation. Put your name to everything you create and you'll know if your're proud of it. There are always risks, but who is better to bet on, you or someone you don't know? You are special. You are an individual. You have the idea.

Every entrepreneur started with an idea. 

All you need is the follow through. 

Article written by J Stefan Devlin

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