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Friday, 24 July 2015

Consumerism Vs Spirituality

Can capitalism and happiness co-exist?
Can you be spiritual in a world full of greed?
Can you be connected in a society of individuals?

Consumerism and greed make happiness seem like a product you can buy, but in reality nothing physical can give you permanent happiness. Only by allowing yourself to feel can you experience truly great emotions and not a highly volatile emotional state.

Are you really happy if you allow small things to set you off? Remember that only you can make yourself happy. Disconnect your emotional state from the state of the outside world or it will be too volatile to deal with.

Keep yourself in a calm, peaceful and happy state by allowing yourself to be so. Control the state that you allow yourself to be in. Why is our happiness so fragile that common place occurrences can disrupt it?

I believe that living in an ideology of individuals, bettering life for yourself, but not others, disconnects us from society. Bettering yourself at the cost of others is a sure-fire way to gain material possessions, but are they what you need?

We are indoctrinated into the ideology of perfectly free markets and unrestricted capitalism from an early age. Indeed, advertisements directly market goods to children who will instinctively apply pressure to parents to purchase certain items. In this day and age, marketing seems to have more retail power than essential goods.

Demand is farmed, not necessary.

When demand is created, people do not have free will. They are told that if they buy a certain good, they will be happy. Indeed, a number of recent commercials tells the consumer that a brown sugary drink will make you happy. Of dull taste and harmful to the body, can this be true?

I will not mention the product range, but a quick search of YouTube or Google of 'happiness' and you will understand exactly what I mean.

In essence, the creation of demand and the extension of marketing tricks restricts the freedom and lessens the wonder of the outside world. Can we be happy without discovery? We live in a narrow minded community, cut off from consciousness. Only we can change this. 

I am not saying that you shouldn't buy certain goods or services. By all means, if you enjoy it, do it. All that I'm saying is that you shouldn't let your happiness be so temporary, so fragile that the existence or absence of a retail-able product changes your emotional state. 

Enjoy life, not materials.

Live your happiness, don't buy it.

Written by J Stefan Devlin

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